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  • Jan 20 / 2012
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Exodus 10-12 (Bible-365.20): Where’s Your Idol?

Exodus 8, 9, 10, 11

These four chapters are quite possibly the most famous in the whole book of Exodus because it is here that God demonstrates his mighty power by sending 10 plagues to Egypt in order to get the Pharaoh to let His people go. Most theologians seem to agree that the 10 plagues God sent weren’t merely chosen at random or as only an invasive inconvenience for the Egyptians. Rather, the 10 plagues were chosen by God to destroy the main idols in Egypt at that time. So, following will be a table describing the plague and the idol it was intended to tear down: Continue Reading

  • Jan 19 / 2012
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Exodus 7-9 (Bible-365.19): God Blesses the Second-Born

Chapter 7

Is it just me, or does God seem to always pick the non-eldest son for great things? That seems totally counter-intuitive to the way the world actually works. Most people put all their hopes and expectations in the first-born son. Most people give all the rights, privileges, and inheritance to the first-born son. Most people expect their first-born son to take care of them when they are old. But, here in Exodus, we know that Moses, the one chosen by God to lead His people out of Egypt, is NOT the first-born son. In fact, his brother Aaron was three years older than him when they went to Pharaoh (Aaron, 83, Moses, 80 – neither of them young). 

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  • Jan 18 / 2012
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Exodus 4-6 (Bible-365.18): All Things to All People

Back again with Moses and Aaron.

In chapter 4

Moses again hesitates about God’s calling. God says, “Alright, check it out. Here are three awesome signs and wonders I’ll do through you in front of Pharaoh. Now are you convinced?”

Moses says, “Ehhh…really? Really really?”

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  • Jan 17 / 2012
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Exodus 1-3 (Bible-365.17): Does God Forget His Promises?

The first three chapters of Exodus are absolutely packed with stuff, just as the first three chapters of Genesis are. In these chapters, Joseph and all his immediate family have died, a new Pharaoh begins oppressing the Israelites, Moses is born, grown, kills a man, flees the country, gets married, and meets God in a burning bush. That’s possibly close to 50 years of story packed into a mere three chapters. Let’s dive in.

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  • Jan 17 / 2012
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Exodus – Book Overview

Author: Moses
Date: 1450-1410 B.C.

“Exodus” comes from a Greek translation of this book. “Exodus” literally means “way out” and is a principal theme of the book as the Hebrews leave Egypt. Evidence within the book lead to the conclusion that the author was a highly educated man who had been a long-time resident of Egypt and was an eyewitness of the Exodus – i.e. Moses. He was familiar with the crop sequence in Lower Egypt (Ex. 9:31-32); his descriptions accurately conform to known conditions (2:3, 12); and he includes details suitable only to an eyewitness account (15:27).

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  • Jan 16 / 2012
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Genesis 47-50 (Bible-365.16): Parental Blessing

In Genesis 47, the Israelites move in, Jacob blesses Pharaoh, and the famine becomes so severe that all the Egyptians sell their livestock, their land, and themselves into bondage to Pharaoh, just for food to survive. So from that time on, 1/5 of all the produce grown was to be given to Pharaoh (that’s DOUBLE the tithe that Christians have pledged to God!). Joseph also swears to bury his father with his father’s fathers.

In Genesis 48, Jacob is a doting grandfather who blesses his grandchildren. But he does so in a bit of an unconventional way, basically passing on the blessing of his own father – giving the second born child a greater blessing than the first.

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  • Jan 15 / 2012
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Genesis 43-46 (Bible-365.15): Test before Trust, Forgive before Forget

Genesis 43 is an interesting look in to the change that has taken place in Joseph’s brothers. Judah – the one who originally convinced the brothers to sell Joseph into slavery – tells his father that he will bear the blame for Benjamin’s possible harm for the rest of his life if the boy is harmed. Reuben (the oldest) had already offered his two sons to Jacob in the previous chapter as a guarantee for Benjamin’s safety. 

Now when they go back, they take not only double the silver (since Joseph had returned their silver to them on the first journey), but also gifts for Joseph, to try to “butter him up” a bit and allow Simeon and Benjamin to return safely with them.

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  • Jan 14 / 2012
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Genesis 40-42 (Bible-365.14): Joseph, Indwelt by the Holy Spirit

A few observations from Chapter 40:

  • God sent had the cupbearer and the baker to the prison Joseph was in (and not a different one). This was God’s way of getting Joseph one step closer to Pharaoh.
  • God sent them both dreams that they couldn’t interpret.
  • God wanted Joseph – the True God worshiper – to interpret the dreams and act as a witness and testimony to these two men.
  • Yet even after Joseph’s correct interpretations came to pass, the cupbearer forgot him.

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  • Jan 13 / 2012
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Genesis 37-39 (Bible-365.13): Joseph and more Bad Sex


In Genesis 37, Joseph becomes the obvious favorite of Daddy after receipt of his rainbow coat, and his brothers hate him for it (and the fact that he tattles on them). But Joseph arrogantly reveals dreams to them where they serve he (he obviously knows he’s Daddy’s favorite – teenage punk). Jacob sent the kid to the fields to keep an eye on his brothers, but they decide to kill him. Reuben (the firstborn – the one who slept with his Daddy’s third wife) saves him by convincing them to just throw him in a big pot (he would rescue him later). Judah (the second born) convince them to sell Joseph to Ishmael’s descendants (Islam eventually sprouts from Ishmael’s line) and take him to Egypt. They do, Reuben freaks out, they pour blood on Joseph’s coat, his Daddy freaks out, end of story…

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