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  • Jan 07 / 2018
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New Year, Pastor Heo, Romans: The Righteousness of God, Sermons

New Year: Be a Person of ________. (Romans 12:11-21)

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Be a person of ________.

Romans 12:11-21 (Pastor Heo)

11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. 12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. 13 Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. 14 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. 16 Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited. 17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. 20 On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Book of Romans: The Righteousness of God

  • Part One: The Revelation of the Righteousness of God
  • Part Two: The Practice of the Righteousness of God in our lives – through Jesus Christ
  • Part One: What God has done and is doing for us in Christ – believe in your heart, confess with you mouth. (Chp 1-11)
  • Part Two: Reveal what you believe in your actions – hands, feet, mouths, etc. Without obedience, nothing happens, with obedience, great things happen.

Whenever we read / receive the Word of God, we must be diligent and faithful. But the FINAL PURPOSE of the Word of God is to “put it into practice.” Without obedience, nothing happens.

We know the story of the first miracle of Jesus in John 2. The wine was gone, so the men filled the jars full of water – then drew some out. How? With their hands and feet. So, they were the first eyewitnesses of the first miracle of Christ. BUT, if they had not obeyed, nothing would have happened.

Thus, the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount – the Beatitudes – conclusion is: “Therefore, everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock… But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on the sand…” (Matt 7)

Today’s text is very short, simple, clear, strong, powerful.

ALL the sentences are Imperatives. “Do this… be this…”

Out of these 21 sentences, we can see 24 imperatives (commanding sentences).

Let me read these. Your response must be “Yes, I will obey / No, I will not obey” Show your reaction publicly before God.

  1. 11 Never be lacking in zeal, but
  2. keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.
  3. 12 Be joyful in hope,
  4. be patient in affliction,
  5. be faithful in prayer.
  6. 13 Share with God’s people who are in need.
  7. Practice hospitality.
  8. 14 Bless those who persecute you;
  9. bless and do not curse.
  10. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice;
  11. mourn with those who mourn.
  12. 16 Live in harmony with one another.
  13. Do not be proud, but
  14. be willing to associate with people of low position.
  15. Do not be conceited.
  16. 17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil.
  17. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody.
  18. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.
  19. 19 Do not take revenge, my friends, but
  20. leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.
  21. 20 On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
  22. if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”
  23. 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but
  24. overcome evil with good.

What a great list for the New Year~~

If Christ is our Savior, no question, he is also our example for what kind of person to be and what to do. “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I’ll give you rest… Learn from me…”

1 Peter 2:21 “To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example that you should follow in his steps.”

We saw 24 imperatives, but let me summarize these into 4 imperatives. We should be like this because Christ is like this. Who is your example? Christ. In our motivation, personality, activity, etc.

4 Imperatives for the New Year

#1 Be a Person of PASSION

v. 11

“11 Never be lacking in zeal [passion], but keep your spiritual fervor [enthusiasm], serving the Lord.”

Christ was a man of PASSION (The Passion of the Christ)

“My Father is working up to now, so I also am working. We must work as long as it is day because night is coming soon when nobody can work.” As long as it is day in your lives, you should work.

In his earthly ministry, he had a passion to:

  1. Preach
  2. Teach
  3. Heal the sick
  4. Raise the dead
  5. Cast away evil spirits
  6. Seek and save the lost
  7. Fulfill / finish the will of God
  8. Save you and me
  9. To give eternal life to each of us individually (even if you were the only person on earth, he would have died to save you alone)

His passion to save us saved us. His passion to give us life, gave us life.

  • What kind of passion (for Christ) do you have?
  • Is your heart burning with a holy passion and enthusiasm to glorify his name?
  • If we belong to Christ, we must be people of PASSION.

God bless us in 2018 to be people of PASSION!

#2 Be a person of PRAYER

v. 12

“12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Christ is original God, yes, but in his earthly ministry, he was a “man of prayer”. In Luke there are 11 occasions that it is mentioned “he prayed”.

  • Sometimes he prayed ALL NIGHT (the founder of all-night prayer)
  • Sometimes he prayed EARLY in the morning (the founder of dawn prayer)
  • He prayed before BIG events or situations (before beginning his ministry; before choosing his disciples; before crucifixion – he prayed so earnestly his sweat was drops of blood)

Hebrews 5:7 summarizes his whole ministry and life of 33 years “During his whole life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the One who could save him from death. Because of his obedience, he was received.”

How about you? Are you a person of prayer?

I cannot explain ALL the benefits of prayer:

  • It makes us humble, but bold.
    • Not to pray makes us fearful, but cowardly.
  • To pray, makes us more and more like Christ our example.
    • Not to pray makes us nearer and nearer to demons.
  • To pray helps us understand the will of God.
  • To pray makes God work FOR us.
    • Not to pray makes Satan work AGAINST us.
  • To pray can make the impossible possible.
    • Not to pray makes the possible impossible.

Do you pray, regularly, believingly, faithfully?

  • To pray means: “I believe in you, I need you, I depend on you, you are my King, Savior, Lord.”
    • Not to pray means: “I don’t believe in you, I don’t need you, I don’t like to spend time with you, I want nothing to do with you.”
  • Prayer is intimate communication and relationship with God.
  • Prayer is “breath” in the life of the believer. Are you breathing now?
    • Not to pray is to STOP BREATHING.

God bless us in 2018 to be people of PRAYER.

#3 Be a person of PEACE

(reconciliation – between God and ourselves, God and others, ourselves and others)

v. 13-18

“13 Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. 14 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. 16 Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited. 17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. 18 _If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone._”

Christ is/was a person / King / Prince of Peace.

Isaiah prophesied he would be called:

  • “Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Almighty God, Prince of Peace.”
  • “Glory to God, peace on earth to men on whom his favor rests.”
  • “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. I do not give as this world gives. Let not your hearts be troubled.”

(Real / heavenly peace cannot be found in this world – only in Jesus Christ.)

Do you want peace of mind, peace with neighbors, coworkers, family members? Real peace can only be found in Christ.

  • Romans: “Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have PEACE with God.”
  • “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God.” (by outsiders)

Everybody in this world needs salvation, but not everybody wants salvation because of their spiritual blindness. But everybody needs and wants PEACE. True peace is found only in Christ.

“Peacemaker” means “preacher of the message of the gospel.” The definite way to be a peacemaker is to be an evangelist in this world between God and men – to be reconciled to God.

God bless us in 2018 to be people of PEACE.

#4 Be a person of PARDON


v. 19-21

“19 Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. 20 On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Do you have someone in your mind / heart to forgive? Someone who needs forgiveness? I do not know – only God knows.

Yes, it can be difficult to forgive – even Christ forgave the people who KILLED him. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

  • 1 Peter 2:21 “To this you were called… that Christ gave you an example to follow. ” 22-23 “He committed no sin, no deceit was found in his mouth. He did not repay evil for evil, but trusted himself to the one who judges justly.”
  • “If you forgive, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if not, he also will not.”
  • 1 John 1:9? “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to cleanse us of our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

Do you repay evil for evil? Evil for good? Good for good? Anyone in the world can do this. But as Christians, we are called to live at a HIGHER LEVEL: repay good for evil.

  • Do not be unforgiving.
  • Hating is hurting yourself more than the one you don’t forgive.
  • Unforgiveness is a prison of your own making – you put yourself in mental / spiritual prison when you don’t forgive.


This looks like Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount:

“Bless those who persecute you… If you love those who love you, what good is that to you? If you only greet your brothers, what good is that to you? Even pagans do that. Be perfect therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”

This is a HUGE challenge. We CANNOT be perfect. He knows this very well. He knows who we are and what we are like. We cannot be perfect though he encourages us to. But, we can allow Christ (in us) to live his life in us / through us in this world.

Let’s pray together.

2018: Be a person of:

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New Year, Pastor Heo, Sermons

God’s Plan for You is to Save You and Save Others Through You! (Romans 10:9-15)


01.13.2013 Bulletin

Sermon Notes

<Download Notes in a .RTF file>

Last Sunday, I shared THAT God has plans for you – a plan for salvation, eternity, prosperity, etc.

God’s plan of salvation is for us and through us.

Before this, here is a basic question about salvation:

First, are you clear about this? Are you saved? Really? Are you assured of this?

  • If your answer is “no”, is there any reason you reject this offer of salvation?
  • If your answer is “yes”, how much and in what way does that salvation affect your daily life and lifestyle and attitudes and worldview and purpose and interests?

This morning, about this basic plan of God, I hope and pray that all of us may become very clear about this matter of salvation. It is very basic, but the final goal.

  • Acts 16:31 -”Believe in the Lord and you will be saved.”
  • Phil. – “Continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling”
  • 1 Peter? “Continue to work out your salvation…”

The whole purpose of this life is salvation. 

It is a new birth, becoming a child of God, it is becoming a new creation. Regeneration, rebirth, union with Christ, justification, sanctification, glorification.

Characteristics of salvation and how to do it is very simple, not hard, eternal, not temporary.

  • “If you confess with your mouth” 
  • “Jesus is Lord” with your mouth. very simple.
  • “And believe in your heart”

3 times repeated.

If we have a mouth and a heart, we can be saved. If you have these things, it’s enough to be saved. There are no other conditions. It is so easy and free.

This is the paradox of salvation.

Here are 6 reasons and grounds why it is so easy and so free:

Some people cannot understand or rejects the gift of salvation because it’s too easy and too free – they want something hard, something to pay for salvation – thing there must be a price or a catch.

#1 – The Love of God (is greater far…)

  1. God IS love.
  2. God is Spirit.
  3. God is light.

Everything God has IS love and is FROM love. 

God wants all of us whom he loves to be free and love him.

  • John 3:16 “For God…”
  • John 3:17 “God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.”

He wants anybody and everybody to come to repentance through him.

#2 – The Power of God (He is Creator)

God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. He can do anything, anywhere, anytime he wants.

It is not you and I who save ourselves, but God who saves us.

In the matter of salvation, we are passive…God is active.

In the job of salvation, if God has 80% of all powers to save us, then God needs to ask us 20% of our powers to save us. If He has 99.99% power, he needs to ask us 0.01% from us. But, since God has 100% of power, he does not need to ask us – he is Almighty God – able to save all of us with no input from us.

#3 – The Price Jesus paid is sufficient (once for all)

“It is finished” = “salvation is finished, all you need is complete”

Not only for our sins, but for the sins of the whole world. 

Jesus already paid the price for our salvation. 

  • Salvation is free, it’s free, it’s free.
  • But…not cheap.

It’s so very precious.

Why is it free? Because it is priceless.

Example – Isaac

He enjoys food, clothes, house – for free. 

He does not pay Daddy…

Somebody pays for everything for him.

If we go to Lotte Department store, how much do we pay for the elevator? Free.

But the owner of that building paid very much to install it.

Like this, it doesn’t cost you and me anything for our salvation, but it costs the provider, God, the price of the blood of His one and only Son.

It’s free for us, but super expensive for God. 

If we need to pay something to get salvation, that means that Jesus’ death is not enough. But it is really MORE than enough.

It is all already paid on the cross.

#4 – Absolute need of Salvation of all Humans

Every person on Earth needs salvation, forgiveness of sins – is there any person on Earth who cannot say “No, I don’t need that.” 

The sick needs healing, the lonely needs a friend, the sinner needs forgiveness.

  • Romans 3:23
  • Romans 6:23

Also, “Just as a man is destined to die once and after that face the judgment…”

All human beings need salvation, absolutely.

No one can escape the needs.

#5 – Before salvation, at that time we were completely dead.

Ephesians 2:21? “At that time, you were dead in your sins…”

Following the kingdom of the air, the kingdom of wrath. 

At that time, we were dead.

“At that time, I was dead.”
Not almost dead, not nearly dead, but totally dead.

As long as you think you can do something to save yourself, you can actually never be saved by the power of God. 

At that time, we were totally powerless. 

That’s why God is providing salvation so easily and free.

#6 – To make all humans unable to say “Excuse me…” and unable to boast about our salvation

In evangelism, many people say, “Excuse me…I’m too busy for that…the church is full of hypocrites…some Christian hurt me…”

There are many excuses…

The DNA of “Excuse me” is running in our veins – Adam and Eve started it. 

  • In the Garden, God said, “Why did you eat?”
  • Adam said, “The woman made me do it.”
  • Eve said, “The snake made me do it.”

(Adam basically blamed God – “the woman YOU gave me…” i.e. “if you never gave me that woman…”)

All excuses.

On that day, the final day, nobody can say before God, “Excuse me.” All of them will be speechless.

Romans 1:18,19,20

“Since the creation of the world, all of God’s qualities, his divine nature,…have been clearly seen, so that men are without excuse.”

“It is by grace, through faith that you have been saved, so that no one can boast.” 

  • For the unsaved, they cannot say “Excuse me”
  • For the saved, they cannot say “I can boast of my salvation”

God made salvation so easy and free.

v. 13 “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Let us call “Jesus is my Lord”

Toward the outside, for somebody to hear.

Also do you believe in your heart?

Jesus died for my sins, and rose again and is alive in Spirit?

We can see again 4-5 times “how”

  1. “How can they call on the one they have not believed in?”
  2. “How can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?”
  3. “How can they hear without someone preaching to them?”
  4. “How can they preach unless they are sent?”
  5. “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

This is the paradox of salvation.

It is so free and easy, but after we receive the easy, free gift of it, asks ALL we have – to commit all we have for Jesus, to take the gift to others. This is the mystery, the attraction, of salvation. 

We are saved so easily, so freely.  

But that salvation demands not optionally, but absolutely to commit all we have to Jesus Christ for the salvation of others.

Matt 13:44-45 “The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field – when a man found that treasure in the field, he went and sold all he had and bought the field in his great joy!”

When a merchant found a great pearl, he went and sold all he had to buy that pearl. 

When saved, you commit, sell, give away, your whole life for that gift.

Jesus sent his only son Jesus to preach the message of salvation so that people could accept the gift of salvation, and that person is then sent to preach that gift to others, then the next is sent to preach to be saved, and he is sent, preaches, saves, he is sent, preaches, saves, etc, etc.

1 -> 2 -> 4 -> 8 -> 16 ->32 -> 64 -> 128 -> 256 -> 512 -> 1024 -> etc

This is the chain of salvation. 

It does not mean that baptism is not important – it is, to follow Jesus, to show your new life – but God did not send Paul to baptize but to preach. 

If we go to the office to work, to make money, to study, to teach, – but inwardly, before God, to yourself, to God, we must say all the time, “Christ did not send me to teach English, to make money, but to preach the gospel of salvation.”

Can you say that before God, to yourself, honestly, definitely?

This is a sign that you are truly saved. 

Paul confessed, “if I preach the gospel of salvation, I cannot boast, because I MUST preach. If I don’t, woe is me…I consider my physical life worth nothing to me if only I can finish the race and complete the task given to me, – to preach and save others.”

This is God’s plan of salvation for you and from you to others.

Let’s pray.

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New Year, Pastor Heo, Sermons

God Has Plans for You! (Jeremiah 29:11-12)


01.06.2013 Bulletin

Sermon Notes

<Download Notes in a .RTF file>

At the time of this writing, Israel was divided into north and south, the people were exiled, it was a generally terrible time. 

And from this, God spoke these words.

Even today, the world is a mess. Can we be certain that anything is meaningful? Or is everything meaningless? 

God has a plan for you!

The Bible illustrates this.

Long before our physical mothers had us in their minds, God has us in his mind.

In this season, our resolutions should start with God, not with ourselves. 

  • Psalm 139:13-14 “God knit me together in my mother’s womb – that’s why I praise God, because I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.”
  • Jeremiah 1:9 “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you. I set you apart and appointed you as a prophet to all nations.”
  • Ephesians 1:4 “God chose us before the creation of the world to be holy, to be blameless in his sight.”

God has plans for you!

We must remember that without the purpose of God, life is meaningless activity, a directionless path.

The will and plan of God is the biggest purpose that we should know. John: “I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.” Therefore, God’s plan is that we have life to the full! God who is creator, maker, designer of all things should be interested in our small lives. He who hung the stars in the sky should have a plan/hope for us.

Can you imagine parents with no hopes for their children? Can you imagine a man with no special plan for a woman he accepts as wife? Can you imagine a head coach with no plan for his players? A captain with no plan for his soldiers? A king with no plan for his country? A boss with no plan for his workers? Absolutely not.

How much more, God, who created us in his likeness?

There are 4 reasons why God’s plan is not only the best, but also the ONE AND ONLY best plan for our lives.

Only when we discover God’s plan can we find true meaning and purpose for our lives.

#1. Only God knows the future – so we must learn about God’s plan.

There is a great interest into looking into the future. Daily horoscopes, fortune tellers, end-of-the-world predictions, are everywhere.

In the Old Testament, diviners, fortune tellers, should be killed immediately. It is very foolish to look into the future.
Proverbs: Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what lies ahead. 

Job 23:10 “Only he knows the way I will take. After he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.”

You do not know about tomorrow – not even one single minute later. 

It is only God who can lead us through the uncertainties of tomorrow. 

No matter how dark the storms of life may appear, God can lead us through them.

That’s why God’s plan/purpose/will is so important.

#2: Only God knows what is the best.

One of the biggest mysteries of our lives is…we all know what we “like” but we don’t all know what we really “need”

Sometimes we want God’s stamp of approval in our desires, even selfish desires. But God wants to lead us in HIS purposes.

That doesn’t mean that God wants to make us suffer under his plan – he is our father, and like a father wants us to enjoy our lives. But he also knows, like a father, our inabilities, our incapabilities of planning our own lives.

We cannot be in two places at once, or do two things at once, or go two ways at once. So, God knows which way is the best way.

Romans 8, 16? “In this same way, the HS helps us in our weaknesses. Many times, we do not know what we should pray for so the HS intercedes for us with groans.”

#3: Only God has a plan for blessing /hope /prosperity.

Is your life all that you want it to be? Are you experiencing the best you can? We can, through Christ. We can confess like David, “We are created fearfully, wonderfully.” We are a special and precious creation of God – who cares.

Even though we’ve sinned, even though we’ve defaced God’s creation, salvation is still readily available for us.

The message of the gospel is that God has a plan for us that reaches from eternity past to eternity future.

Eph. 2:10 “We are God’s workmanship made in his likeness and created to do good works he has set aside for us to do from the beginning of time.”

#4: We want to do God’s work?

Jonah is a classic example of a man who wouldn’t follow God’s plan – he disobeyed.

God’s plan was that he be an instrument to reach a people for Him – but Jonah disobeyed and sailed away. So, God had to judge Jonah. He had to put him in a place where he would listen to God’s voice and be willing to hear God’s voice.

Eph 5:17 “Do not be foolish. Understand what God’s plan is, what the Lord’s will is.”

How? We discussed the WHY – now, HOW can we discover and find God’s plan?

There are prerequisites.

#1. Salvation – without this it is impossible to know God’s plan.

Without salvation, we are spiritually dead. Is it possible for the dead to know something? No, therefore, the first step for us to know God’s plan is: to be alive – spiritually alive – get salvation – only through Jesus Christ, dead, resurrected, coming soon. 

John “To those who received him, to all those who called on his name, he gave the right to be called children of God.”

#2: Surrender, Submission

Without an attitude of surrender, submission, it is impossible to enter further, to see further the plan of God. Why do we want to see the plan? To obey. Knowing and not doing is double disobedience. God never is cheated, he is wise. His foolishness is wiser than our wisdom.
Conclusion of Sermon on the Mount: “Whoever hears these words of mine is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The winds came, the rains beat on the house, but the house stood. But he who hears and does not do is like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. In the storm, the house fell and was destroyed.” 

#3: Separation

It is the plan of God that the believers live separated, holy lives – set apart from the world, set apart from sin.

Romans 2:10 “Do not be conformed any longer to the pattern of this world. But be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and aprove what God’s will is, his good and pleasing and perfect will.”

We should be free from sexual immorality, and all other kinds of immorality.

John – “Do not love the world, or anything in the world, because anyone who loves the world, the love of God is not in him…this world and its desires pass away soon, but only the man who lives according to the will of God will live.”

Separation WITH holiness is imperative.

If we are not separated, not holy, we cannot see into God’s plan for our lives.

#4: Sincerity

To see the plan of God, deeper, higher, wider, there must be more than head desire, there must be heart desire – passion, zeal, yearning, faithfulness before God.

God does not show us his plan to let us toy with him.

Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths.”

Especially this year, may God bless all of us.

I don’t know your situation, your background. But regardless, God has a plan and a purpose for you.

At the same time, God has a plan and a purpose for AICF. Because AICF is the body of Christ, it is the congregation of God’s servants, God’s children.

2013 AICF Prayers:

Definitely God has a plan, purpose, desire for AICF so that his name may be glorified fully.

We are not here by accident – I want to ask you individually, personally – do not be here MERELY as observers, onlookers. We all have a part, if we are members, we ALL have something to do here.

Jer. 29:12 “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”


29:13 “Call to me, and I will answer you, so greatly that you will not understand.”

All the time, God is ready to listen to our cries. Without praying, it is impossible for God’s will to be fulfilled and realized. 

He will accomplish his plan when we pray and call on him. Whenever we get together, let us pray for AICF for His glory.

1. Unity and Growth of AICF is very important

Eph. 4:3 “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace – there is one body, one baptism, one Spirit, one father of all who is above all and in all and through all.”

Gal 3 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, in Christ…”

  • We are different in visible details.
  • But in invisible details, we are ONE.
  • Visible things are temporary.
  • Invisible things are eternal.
  • What is unseen is more important.
  • If we can see the unseen, we are spiritual.

2. 200+ worship together

This is not the final goal, just the middle. This is not about numbers, but about more people meeting Jesus. 

Can you see outside? As long as there are the lost on the street, God is never happy or satisfied with all the people in the church.
What is the first and original plan of God?

  1. Be fruitful
  2. Increase in number
  3. fill the earth
  4. subdue it
  5. rule over all creation.

The original plan/blessing of God.

The story of the father in the book of Luke (prodigal) – one son (us, church people) were always at home helping Daddy. The other son (those people on the street) went off to enjoy himself. But Daddy always watched and waited at the window for the lost son to return home. This is the heart of God.

We should increase in quality and also number.

3. Our own space – we are very crowded, busy.

This year the main church has a 30 year anniversary – we expect and pray for action for a new building this year. If you want this, pray for it. 

4. Active koinonia in cell groups – we will start with 5.

We will have cell activity this year. Our body (church) has many cells and increases in size and maturity by the division of cells – so we hope and pray for more and more cells.
Koinonia – Greek – difficult to translate in a single word – very visible in Acts – fellowship, relationship, holy intimacy, service, sharing, helping, building, in many ways this word was translated in Acts.

5. More mission – we are living at the last time of last times.

Matthew 24:14 “The gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and THEN the end will come.” To mens’ eyes, there are many many local churches. But to God’s eyes, there is only one global church – so we must pray for AICF, for Antioch Church, for Jeonju’s churches, for Korea’s churches, for all the churches and missionaries of the world.

Shall we pray?


John: “Jesus said to them, “I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you…For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink.”

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Listen