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  • Jan 09 / 2012
  • Comments Off on Genesis 25-27 (Bible-365.9): Sins of the Father, Deception of the Son
Bible-365, Grow

Genesis 25-27 (Bible-365.9): Sins of the Father, Deception of the Son

Let’s continue the Inductive Bible Study Method we learned last time.

Genesis 25


Abraham takes a third wife when he’s very old (a replacement for Sarah perhaps? Since Hagar, his second has been sent away). He has tons more kids, but leaves everything to Isaac, but still gave gifts to his concubines’ (more than one?) sons so that they wouldn’t be empty-handed when he died. Ishmael reappears and helps Isaac bury their father with Sarah – on the field he bought (smart guy). Continue Reading

  • Jan 08 / 2012
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Genesis 22-24 (Bible-365.8): Introduction to Inductive Bible Study

It may be time to tone it down a bit in the analysis of Genesis. I can’t really afford to write nearly 1,500 words per day as I have been. But, this is a great time to introduce the Inductive Bible Study Method, which you can do at home yourself to study the Bible and glean as much as you can from the text (it’s how I was taught to study the Bible).

The Inductive Bible Study Method

There are three basic questions to ask for every passage you read:

  1. What does it say? (Observation)
  2. What does it mean? (Interpretation)
  3. How does it apply to my life? (Application)

Continue Reading

  • Jan 07 / 2012
  • Comments Off on Genesis 19-21 (Bible-365.7): Bad Sex
Bible-365, Grow

Genesis 19-21 (Bible-365.7): Bad Sex

Genesis 18

Begins the story of Sodom and Gomorrah when Abraham receives the Lord and two angelic visitors and pleads for the Lord to spare Sodom and Gomorrah from destruction (his nephew Lot lives in the city and he is obviously concerned for him). Abraham talks the Lord into sparing the city for the sake of just 10 righteous people (down from 50). The Lord agrees – likely because he already knows that there are far less than 10 righteous people in the city – but Abraham leaves it at that, and lets the matter rest – depending on the just judgment of the Lord after his own prayers for mercy.

Continue Reading

  • Jan 06 / 2012
  • Comments Off on Genesis 16-18 (Bible-365.6): Sexual Sin and Redemption
Bible-365, Grow

Genesis 16-18 (Bible-365.6): Sexual Sin and Redemption

We’ll continue going through the daily Bible reading by looking at a chapter at a time.

Chapter 16

In which Abram follows in the footsteps of his forefather Adam by following unwise and sinful council from his wife while disregarding the word of God and His promises:

  • Adam’s wife Eve convinced him (I’m not sure it took much convincing) to disobey God and eat of the tree in the Garden that God specifically warned them against – despite the numerous other trees with delectable fruit. Continue Reading
  • Jan 05 / 2012
  • Comments Off on Genesis 13-15 (Bible-365.5): Rethinking Abram
Bible-365, Grow

Genesis 13-15 (Bible-365.5): Rethinking Abram

Abram’s story actually begins in Genesis 12. This is also the major dividing line between the two halves of Genesis. From Genesis 1-11, the story is of Creation and God’s first dealings with mankind. From Genesis 12 and on, the story becomes about Abraham and the covenant God made with his descendants.

Additionally, the Chronological Bible reading plan places the entire book of Job between Genesis 11 and 12. This is because in Job, while there is mention of God, there is no mention of Law or the Abrahamic covenant that is so crucial to the remainder of the Bible. Continue Reading

  • Jan 04 / 2012
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Bible-365, Grow

Genesis 10-12 (Bible-365.4): Rethinking Genealogies

Genesis 10 deals with the family tree of Noah’s sons.
Genesis 11 tells us how all those nations (born of Noah’s sons) came to be so diverse.
Genesis 12 splits the book between Creation and early humanity (chapters 1-11) and God’s covenant promises to Abraham and his descendants (the rest of the book – and in fact, the rest of the Bible).

Family trees (genealogies) are important in the Bible for a few reasons: Continue Reading

  • Jan 03 / 2012
  • Comments Off on Genesis 7-9 (Bible-365.3): Rethinking Noah
Bible-365, Grow

Genesis 7-9 (Bible-365.3): Rethinking Noah

Everybody knows the story of Noah and the ark and the flood. And everybody thinks they’ve got it down pat. It’s a story about a single good dude in a world filled with terrible, horrible, rotten bad dudes that saves the day for humanity and all of Creation. Right? Or is it? Let’s back-track a bit before jumping straight to the “lesson.”

The story of Noah actually begins in Genesis 6 and continues through the end of chapter 9. In the pre-story to Noah we learn that: Continue Reading

  • Jan 02 / 2012
  • Comments Off on Genesis 4-6 (Bible-365.2): Rethinking Cain
Bible-365, Grow

Genesis 4-6 (Bible-365.2): Rethinking Cain

Genesis 4-6 introduces Cain and Abel, Noah, and Noah’s family tree back to Adam. These are the firsts we find in Genesis 4-6:

  1. The first live birth of a human child (Cain – 4:1)
  2. The first sacrifice/offering (4:3-4)
  3. The first murder (4:8)
  4. The first city (4:17)
  5. The first job specialization (4:19-22)
  6. The first family tree(s) (4:17-26 (Cain’s), 5:1-32 (Seth’s))

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  • Jan 01 / 2012
  • Comments Off on Genesis 1-3 (Bible-365.1): Rethinking Original Sin
Bible-365, Grow

Genesis 1-3 (Bible-365.1): Rethinking Original Sin

I’ll use the following listing conventions for the daily Bible reading plan:
Book Chapters (Bible-365.Day#).

Genesis 1-3

This area is Scripture is a literal theological goldmine. Whole sermons, series, and books have been written on just these three chapters alone. Therefore, there is far too much to briefly mention in a short post below, so I’ll just pull out the most relevant bits that I’ve discovered over the years.

Continue Reading

  • Jan 01 / 2012
  • Comments Off on Genesis – Book Overview
Bible-365, Grow

Genesis – Book Overview

Author: Moses
Date: 1450-1410 B.C. 

Genesis – in English – comes from the Greek word for “beginnings” or “origins.” The Hebrew name of this book is bere’ shit from the first words in Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning…”

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  • Jan 01 / 2012
  • Comments Off on Bible-365 Overview
Bible-365, Grow

Bible-365 Overview

Bible-365 is our goal to read the entire Bible in one year. The reading plan we will use can be found at this link.

Reading through the entire Bible is a relatively simple task, if you are dedicated to taking it slowly and daily. Each day’s reading is only about 3 chapters long (5 per day from the Psalms when we get there), and only takes between 15-20 minutes to read. If you commit to only about 15 minutes of Bible per day, you can read the entire thing in a full year (something that many Christians have never done). To get you excited about the task, here are some Bible facts:

Continue Reading

  • Jan 01 / 2012
  • Comments Off on Read the Whole Bible in 2012!
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Read the Whole Bible in 2012!

In 2012, one of our main goals is to “Grow Together.” We can’t well grow up by only eating one meal per week. Likewise, partaking of spiritual food – the Word of God – only once per week, on Sundays, is no way to help us grow up spiritually. Join us this year as we attempt to read through the entire Bible in 365 days! Reading only about 3 chapters per day (5 in the Psalms) – at about 20 minutes per sitting, we can do it!

See this post for a full explanation of the reading plan we will use (and also to download and print a copy of your own!).

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Listen