About AICF

About AICF

AICF is an international Christian community in Jeonju, South Korea.

We offer:

  • Sunday worship service in English.
  • Support for international students.
  • Help for multicultural families.
  • FREE Korean lessons.
  • Exciting gatherings.
  • Fun outings.

Antioch International Christian Family is a ministry of: Jeonju Antioch Church (est. March 1983) (Korean Presbyterian Denomination) for the purpose of local & world evangelization. (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8)

AICF is widely open to you and welcomes you warmly, being convinced strongly that we are brothers and sisters in Christ as heavenly family members. We hope and pray that you may feel at home in AICF and enjoy Wonderful, Abundant, Eternal life which can be gained only in Christ Jesus.

AICF History

Antioch International Christian Fellowship was started in December 1995 as a ministry to the Filipino people in Jeonju. This was a ministry of the Korean people of Antioch Church to the foreign community of Jeonju. Slowly this ministry began to grow into what it is today.

  • 2005-2011 : Troy Russell joined as a volunteer pastor with his family
  • 2006-2008 : Bill Vorhees was the first full-time foreign pastor on staff at Antioch Church
  • 2009-2013 : Georgia Bryant joined the staff of Antioch Church as a missionary intern
  • 2008-2020: Pastor Jae Bum Ho and Brian Kilduff joined the AICF staff as lead pastors
  • 2020~present: Pastor Eddie Kang became AICF’s full-time pastor, Pastor Brian Kilduff continues to serve


  • Upward – We worship God!
  • Outward – We preach the gospel!
  • Inward – We love each other!
  • Downward – We kneel before God!