Bible Reading Plans

Bible Reading Plans

Whether it’s the start of a New Year, or you’ve just gotten fired up about reading the Bible, this page can help. You will find:

  1. Bible Reading Plans
  2. Tips for better reading
  3. Why read the Bible?

2020 End of Year 80-Day Bible Reading

To close out 2020, the main Antioch Church has decided to read the WHOLE Bible in 80 days. The link above contains the entire reading plan, with links for each reading to the daily devotional material AND listening material (if you’re too busy to read it all, listening to it while driving, exercising, or cleaning is a good option).

Other Bible Reading Plans

  1. AICF Visualize the Whole Bible reading plan (Link)
  2. Discipleship Journal Pocket-sized plan (PDF)
  3. Duplex or bookmark-size plan (PDF)
  4. Duplex or Fold-and-glue plan (PDF)

Tips for better reading

  1. Learn the Inductive Bible study method (Observe, Interpret, Apply) (Example with Genesis 22-24)
  2. Advice
    1. Start with the “boring” books. Your motivation is highest early on.
    2. Alternatively, start with the “story” books that are inherently more interesting, so that you can build up a series of successes early on. These books include the gospels (stories about Jesus), Genesis and Exodus (stories about Israel), Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel, Kings, and so on.
    3. OR, start with the shortest books (Paul’s letters to the apostles, some of the minor prophets), or those with the shortest chapters and bite-sized chunks of wisdom (Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes), again to build up a series of early successes.

Why read the Bible?

  1. The Word of God Can Change Your Life! (Sermon by Guest Pastor Victor)

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