You’re Welcome Here

At AICF, you’ll find a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a “place to call home” when you’re away from home.

Everyone’s Invited

AICF is a non-denominational Christian ministry that welcomes members from all over the world!

People from various religious backgrounds attend this fellowship.

Our Purpose

Because most of our foreign members are far from home, our first purpose is to Serve their various needs in Korea.

But beyond helping our members adjust to Korean life, our second purpose is to effectively teach the Word of God for the goal of Salvation.

We realize that this church is only a temporary home for most of our members, so when they depart, our third purpose is to Send them out into the world, back to their homes to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

What to Expect

One of our goals is to effectively teach the Word of God to you. We want you to know what the Bible teaches and how to apply Biblical truths to your daily life.

You will discover that our praise and worship service is not very formal. We sincerely seek:

  • to meet with God
  • to honor His presence
  • to better understand and obey His Word
  • to know Him better on a personal basis

We trust the praise and worship service will help strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

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