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Love & Respect Small Group Study

Love & Respect Small Group Study

What are the top causes of martial strife and martial fights leading to divorce in a marriage? Lack of connection; lack of commitment; lack of communication. Don’t let your marriage become lacking – make it fulfilling! Join us as we learn how to better communicate with our spouses during the Love & Respect Small Group Study based on materials produced by Emerson (Ph.D.) and Sarah Eggerichs. This material is based off of Ephesians 5:33:

However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.

Study Schedule

The Crazy Cycle

4/6Session 1:The Secret to a Better Marriage
4/13Session 2:To Communicate, Decipher the Code
4/20Session 3:Why She Won't Respect Him; Why He Won't Love Her
What Men Fear Most Can Keep the Crazy Cycle Spinning
4/27Session 4:She Fears Being a Doormat; He's Tired of "Just Not Getting It"
She Worries About Being a Hypocrite; He Complains, "I Get No Respect!"
She Thinks She Can't Forgive Him; He Says, "Nobody Can Love That Woman!"

The Energizing Cycle

Especially For Husbands

5/4Session 5:How to Spell Love to Your Wife (C-O-U-P-L-E)
C - Closeness: She Wants You to Be Close
5/11Session 6:O - Openness: She Wants You to "Open Up" to Her
U - Understanding: Don't Try to "Fix" Her, Just Listen
5/18Session 7:P - Peacemaking: She Wants You to Say, "I'm Sorry"
5/25Session 8:L - Loyalty: She Needs to Know You're Committed
E - Esteem: She Wants You to Honor and Cherish Her

Especially For Wives

6/1Session 9:How to Spell Respect to Your Husband (C-H-A-I-R-S)
C - Conquest: Appreciate His Desire to Work and Achieve
6/8Session 10:H - Hierarchy: Appreciate His Desire to Protect and Provide
A - Authority: Appreciate His Desire to Serve and to Lead
6/15Session 11:I - Insight: Appreciate His Desire to Analyze and Counsel
6/22Session 12:R - Relationship: Appreciate His Desire for Shoulder-to-Shoulder Friendship
S - Sex: Appreciate His Desire for Sexual Intimacy
The Energizing Cycle Will Work If You Do

The Rewarded Cycle

6/29Session 13:The Real Reason to Love and Respect
7/6Session 14:The Truth Can Make You Free, Indeed
Conclusion: Pink and Blue Can Make God's Purple

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