No More! Series Sermon Art

No More! Series Sermon Art

Here’s the collection of Sermon Art for Pastor Brian’s “No More” (aka “God’s Non-Remembrance of Sin”) series. The unique thing about this series was that he chose various verses from throughout the Bible to focus on, so I updated the background and verse designs every Saturday to match the verse for that week. Click any image to download a larger copy.


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Verse Designs

These verses were used on the front of the Bulletin every week. I decided to design these because a single verse is difficult to fit into a large space (like the front of the bulletin) without some kind of visual help (like a picture or design).

Inspiration and Resources

The original verse that the Pastor sent me to start this series was Isaiah 43:25: “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake and remembers your sins no more.”

There were a few good, strong vocabulary choices in the verse that helped me to decide upon and hone the theme (I actually didn’t know this would be a 4-part series at that time – I assumed it was just a single sermon):

  1. “Blots out” = Jesus’ blood covers (or blots out) our sins – this was the first visual clue
  2. “Transgressions” = sin – I needed some sort of visual representation of sin
  3. “FOR MY OWN SAKE” = I decided to pick this out as the focus of this verse – WHY would God choose to forget sin?
  4. “Remembers…no more” = became the theme of this series

I’ve always been interested in how pastors preach that “Jesus blood covers sinners so that when God looks at us, he doesn’t see our sin, but the blood of his son.” Therefore, I wanted to SHOW Jesus’ blood very clearly covering over sins. And what better representation of sin that “original sin” with the apple? I found a Creative Commons vector series of apples being eaten and thought it was a perfect visual to show how we may sin MULTIPLE times, and yet God CHOOSES (hence the hand and paintbrush) to cover over our sins and remember them no more.

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