Easter 2015 Sermon Art

Easter 2015 Sermon Art

Here’s a collection of the sermon art I created for our 2015 Easter service. Click any image to download a larger copy.


(1366 x 768px (720p HDTV size))



(1024 x 768px (for projector))

Inspiration and Resources

I wanted to create some art that would:

  1. Reflect the title of the message: 1 Corinthians 15:12-23, 58 “The Credibility and POWER of the Resurrection”
  2. Match the look and feel of the Easter banners I created (see below or click this link for the full post)



So, some things I began researching included:

  1. The empty tomb
  2. Symbol for life/death
  3. Tombs of founders of world religions
  4. Symbol for empty
  5. “Not dead”
  6. Easter resurrection

Eventually, this led me to considering how the stone in front of the tomb might begin to look like a solar eclipse as it were being rolled away if there was a great light behind it. So, I started searching for “Photoshop eclipse tutorials” and eventually stumbled upon a pretty good one by Abduzeedo that helped me to create this art:


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