Galatians Sermon Art

Galatians Sermon Art

Here’s a collection of the sermon art I created for Pastor Brian’s series on Galatians. Click any image to download a larger copy.


(1280 x 1024 (for projector))

Inspiration and Resources

I used a generic tapestry texture as the background – as if it were Paul’s actual letter. Then, I copied out the entire first chapter of Galatians and put in on the tapestry in the Sherlock Holmes font.

I also wanted to create an effect as if a giant stamp that said “Justified” were pressed into the paper – as if someone were looking at everyone’s “life papers” and marking them as “Justified” or “Condemned.” I used the Old Stamper font for this part. I also added some splotches of blood to show that Jesus’ blood is what ultimately justifies.

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